A New Way to Work Together

Work has changed, forever. Today we need spaces that reflect, nurture, and help us leverage that change. WeWork creates structures that build community. Spaces which foster connection and bring people together. And when people work together, they work better.

We’re not a traditional business. We don’t tie our members into 15-year leases, nor do we make our clients wait years before they can move in. We do things differently, because why make people wait when you can innovate? Join WeWork at Two Southbank Place and let your business benefit from the WeWork way of doing things (with fantastic views of London thrown in).


Work Better, Together

We achieve more—by working more creatively, more productively, more consciously—when we come together.

When it’s possible to call on each other’s knowledge, draw on each other’s skills and combine best ideas, our productivity—real, value-adding productivity—goes through the roof.

The spaces we live and work in need to more directly answer our needs than ever before. When the space you’re in is the very thing aiding collaboration and fostering a sense of community, that’s when out-of-this-world ideas, innovative free-flowing creativity, and meaningful progression happen.

Space That Works for You

Designed to Support Your Needs

Your team should be focused on taking care of business, so we take care of the rest. WeWork at Two Southbank Place can cater for teams of two to 200+; whatever your team needs, our team has a solution.

From private offices, office suites, and entire floors to just a seat and a desk--this newly constructed space, right on the Southbank, has a flexible design so that you can choose the best solution for your company.


Accommodating, Adaptable, Cooperative

Real productivity demands space that’s as flexible as the people who use it.

Collaboration, concentration, and connection—the three Cs—we create environments to aid each of them, when and where you need them. Quiet spaces for deep thinking; brainstorming rooms and conference rooms with the latest AV equipment, for team creativity and sharing ideas; common areas with bespoke art and interior design to foster a sense of togetherness. With WeWork, you don’t need to give up private space that’s personal to benefit from everything else on offer.


The Location

Where the North, South, and City of London Meet

WeWork at Two Southbank Place provides a virtually limitless range of options for businesses—the capability to create new homes for companies large or small, in a major transportation hub, and with an ever changing array of restaurants, bars, venues, and pop-ups for team events just outside its doors.